Sunday, November 21

Down Time

Well, life has been pretty slow for the last while. Mind you, I'm not complaining. After having been on the move for the last couple of months, being in one place [Halifax] for over three weeks is a nice change.

Most of my time has been spent drawing. I think that I posted the link in my last entry. I'm almost finished my latest drawing (of Christina Ricci), and I'll probably scan it on Tuesday, at which point I'll get back on the road. I won't be going very far, though. My next stop will be my aunt Doreen's place, which is about an hour and a half north of here.

Sometimes it's weird being back in Halifax. I was brought here, and didn't even leave Nova Scotia [a Canadian province of which Halifax is the capital] until I was 18. Living in this city wasn't exactly the high point of my life, but at the same time it could have been a lot worse. Still, this has been one of the longest stays that I've had here since I moved six years ago. That said, one of the main reasons it feels weird here is that I keep bumping into people I grew up with, mostly just by chance on the street. Everyone is always very nice, and it's good to see them all, but at the same time, it can feel like being shifted backwards, to a point in my life where everything seemed very different. It's not that I dislike this place, but I've come to realize more and more that Montreal is now my home.

The last time that I was here [last May], I met someone that I found very interesting. After having tried to dig her out for the past few weeks, we finally met up a few days ago. One thing that I found very reassuring was that, though she is a better artist than I could ever hope to be, she's been improving for the last few years. After seeing her earlier work, and comparing it to her current drawings, there just might be hope for me yet. Assuming that I can keep my motivation, and practice as much as possible, perhaps I'll eventually be at least in the same sport as she is, though I doubt I'd ever make it to her league. If you'd like, you can check out her stuff at

On a political sidenote, I found an interesting quiz that ranks you politically. However, instead of being on the standard linear left/right line, it gives your result on a graph, with the horizontal axis being liberal/conservative, and the vertical being fascist/libertarian. Although there aren't enough questions for it to possibly be accurate, I found it flattering that I was put on almost the same spot as Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela. La la la. Anyway, the test can be found at


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That test reminds me of the OkCupid Politics Test. It may be a bit sillier. :)

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