Monday, May 19


Things have been pretty calm these last two weeks.

At the beginning of the month, I moved to a different part of the city, called Belgrano. It's clean, quiet, and has many conveniences close by. Plus, it's not as shady an area as where I was last month, which, although technically in a tourist neighborhood, was unconfortably close to the hooker and drug slums.

The farmers are back on strike, blocking many highways, though there haven't been any food shortages yet. Most people in the city think it's the farmers' responsibility to pay higher taxes, as with the high prices of food, they're earning quite a bit of money. But smaller farmers complain that their profit margins have been cut to almost nothing. Since there is no transparancy here at all (the government doesn't even talk to the media, accusing them of being incompetent), and both sides at the negotiating table don't care about anything but their own well being, it's hard to imagine the conflict ending any time soon. At least no one has started any major fires in the last couple of weeks.


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