Monday, July 17


I've been laid up for the last week, as I tore my knee pretty badly last Sunday.

I injured it jumping down from about three and a half meters. Stupid. I should have known better than to get into a situation where I'd have to jump so far. When I landed, my knee popped right out of joint. I popped it back in on reflex before collapsing to the ground.

My friends took me to the hospital, and stayed with me while I was there. On the bright side of things, it didn't take that long to be seen. I didn't wait for more than half an hour in any one room without being seen. The bad part was that they didn't tell me very much. The doctor was a bit of a jerk, and after telling me that I might have to wear a leg brace for the rest of my life(!), refused to respond to anything else, saying that everything was just speculation. A lovely note to put me on when I'm leaving the hospital.

The hospital has called me back in a few times since, and the last doctor told me that eventually everything should be fine, and I should be back on my feet anywhere from the middle of August to early fall.

Getting around on crutches is annoying, especially given that Montreal is experiencing one of the worst heat waves in memory. Still, it would be much worse had this happened in winter. Walking on crutches on the ice would be completely impossible.

For the past week I've been staying with David, a Russian friend from university. He lives downtown, but his place is quite small, and the situation has been hard on him. Most of my other friends live farther from town, such as Simon, a friend from Laval who I was staying with for the past several weeks. The commute is just too difficult as things are now. So I've decided to sub-let a place downtown for a couple of weeks, so that I'll be relatively close to the places and things that I need. The apartment that I'll be moving into permanently will be ready at the end of the month.

I could comment on other things that are going on in the world, but it's so depressing that maybe I'll pass...


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