Friday, September 29


I've been pretty slack with this blog lately. The reason is that I haven't been able to find interesting things to write about.

Since the last time I published something, a short summary of what's been going on in my life...

-I took a temporary job to generate some quick money. It was working nights doing data entry, which was terrible. In the end all I was doing was sleeping and going to work, and the work itself was about as boring as I could imagine. I had to look at a scanned document, find a reference number, and enter it into a spread sheet. Then repeat with a new scan. Do that for ten hours straight, and each minute seems like an eternity.

-Sara, a Swedish girl that I met in Spain, was passing through Montreal. Unfortunately, she got pretty sick towards the end of her stay, so I don't think that she enjoyed herself very much.

-After looking around at different jobs, I've started training for a job with an insurance company. Although I'm not sure if selling insurance is the sort of job that I will want to do in the long run, I'm happy to give it a shot for now. Assuming that I'm a good enough salesman for them to keep me, I'll do it till I've saved up some money, and gotten a bit of experience. I'd still like to go to South America either next year or the year after, either to just travel if I have enough savings, or to teach English if I don't.

I think that's about it. Anything else that I've done has been just meeting up with friends, not really something that would be interesting to read about.

Until my life becomes more colorful, I won't update this regularly. And when I do, it will probably be in short segments. Sometimes every couple of days, or sometimes every couple of weeks.


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